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Candlelit Acupuncture

for Anxiety, Relaxation, Hormonal Imbalances & Slowing Down

Friday 20th September from 2pm-6.00pm

at Nova Clinic, North Road, Stevenage SG1 4BB

30min – £15   or   60min- £30


We would love to invite you to our Candlelit Acupuncture afternoon.

In a tranquil environment, with gentle meditation music playing, candle light and a no-talking policy to aid with a stilling of the mind we will help you relax and restore a sense of well-being.



Our bodies contain specific energetic points, which according to traditional Chinese medicine, link directly with the energy of our vital organs, such as stomach, liver, kidneys, lungs, spleen and others. Each point has specific function. For example auricular Liver point helps detoxify, reduces anger and depression, Shen Men reduces cravings, anxiety and insomnia and has calming effect; Kidney point clears blood, reduces fear and provide access to emotional reserves.

How Does It Help?

By inserting needles in the specific energetic points, the stagnant energy or qiis unblocked and starts flowing more freely through our bodies. It can be tremendously effective in helping to overcome anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems, headaches but also relieving the symptoms of hormonal imbalances including troublesome symptoms of menopause. It can also help us come to terms with grief, abandonment, anger and other emotional issues. The treatment is of enormous value to those going through difficult emotional times. When the yin-yang is balanced in your body, you feel calm, relaxed and energised.

How Do I Book a Session?

Please text us on 07534 620 332 or phone on 01438 532 075 to book your session.

We look forward to helping you Relax, Rejuvenate and Reset!