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Injury, Physical & Soft Tissue Rehabilitation


At Nova Spine & Wellness, we work with patient towards full Injury and physical rehabilitation with the aim being not just to treat the symptoms but to identify the cause and compensations of the pain/injury to ensure that there is no reoccurrence. Treatment and soft tissue rehabilitation modalities that are available include RockBlades massage and soft tissue rehabilitation, Ultrasound, TENS and muscle stimulation, and Kinesiology taping.

RockBlades: Just What the Doctor Ordered

RockBlades are specially designed, innovative tools that offer the practitioner a variety of techniques for soft tissue mobilization. Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM) is a popular fascial mobilization and pain relief technique used by a number of healthcare professionals worldwide. The tools allows the practitioner to target precise points, focusing on restricted areas, scar tissue and other irregularities as well as expedite recovery and healing.


Soft tissue injuries are commonly categorised depending on the time frame since injury and the healing processes that are occurring at that time.

Acute – Protection Phase

A soft tissue injury is termed as acute from the initial time of injury and while the pain, bleeding and swelling is at its worst. Your body’s aim at this point is to protect your injury from further damage. The usual time frame for your acute symptoms to settle is two to four days post-injury, but this can vary depending on how you treat your injury.

Sub-Acute – Repair Phase

A soft tissue injury is termed as sub-acute when the initial acute phase makes a transition to repairing the injured tissues. This phase commonly lasts up to six weeks post-injury when your body is bust laying down new soft tissue and reducing the need to protect your injury as the new scar tissue etc begins to mature and strengthen.

Late Stage – Remodelling Phase

Your body does not magically just stop tissue healing at six week post-injury. Healing is a continuum. At six weeks post-soft tissue injury your healing tissue is reasonably mature but as you stretch, strength and stress your new scar tissue it often finds that it is not strong enough to cope with your increasing physical demand.

When your body detects that a repaired structure is still weaker that necessary, it will automatically stimulate additional new tissue to help strengthen and support the healing tissue until it meets the demands of your normal exercise or physical function.

The period between six weeks and three months post-injury is commonly referred to as the remodelling phase.

Chronic Phase – Ongoing Repair and Remodelling

Beyond three months is referred to as the chronic phase and probably refers mainly to pain that lasts more than 3 months. However, your soft tissue is constantly being injured by your daily activities and workout, only to magically repair and remodel the tissue to meet your specific exercise demands.

How Does Treatment Vary Depending on the Phase?

Your treatment will vary depending upon the needs and demands of your injury. Your therapist is an expert in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and the best techniques for your specific injury and phase of healing.


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