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Hello Hay Fever Sufferer!

I’m a Homeopath at NOVA Spine & Wellness Clinic. I treat many different conditions, one of them Hay Fever. This year seems to be the worst year ever – everyone around seems to be rubbing their eyes, sneezing and generally feeling unwell. Antihistamines don’t seem to help any more or help for a short time only.

Each and every patient (and friend and colleague) who has suffered from hay fever and received homeopathic treatment this season says that it helped them immensely. For some it disappeared, for others, the symptoms reduced so drastically, that they either don’t bother them any more or seem insignificant. Many patients said, ‘I didn’t realise Homeopathy can work so quickly’. Indeed it can work very quickly, and Hay Fever is one of those conditions which traditional medicine struggles with and for a Homeopath it’s a breeze.

If you would like to give Homeopathy a go and treat your Hay Fever with this natural, non-toxic, side-effects free way, please fill in the form below, describing your Hay Fever symptoms as best as you can. You will receive a link to payment of £60 to cover the cost of remedy selection and postage & packaging. Remedies are complimentary.  I will select the remedy or remedies that should work for you, as these are matched to individual patient and his/her symptoms. The remedies will be posted by first class post. Your symptoms are likely to improve or even disappear. Should this not be the case within two-three weeks, please contact us again and we will change the remedies free of charge.

Homeopathy Works! – Give it a Try!

NOVA Spine & Wellness Homeopath

Agata Anna

PS: NOVA Spine & Wellness runs Free Homeopathy Clinics for Children. To find out more, please click here.

To find out more about Homeopathy at NOVA Clinic, please click here.



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