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Allergy and Food Intolerance Testing

Do you, your friends or family members suffer from eczema, psoriasis, asthma, muscle or joint pain, arthritis, headaches and migraines, bloating, indigestion, reflux, itching eyes, fatigue, brain fog, tiredness, hay fever (allergic rhinitis)? Then you may have a food intolerance or allergy. The easiest to find out if you suffer from an allergy or food intolerance is to carry out allergy testing or food intolerance testing.

allergy testing and treatment

Allergy Testing & Treatment

What you put in your body can make you sick without you realising it! Although you may be eating ‘healthy’, many foods can trigger internal reactions, even in a healthy body, and contribute to serious health problems and chronic illnesses.

Food intolerances and allergies lead to a myriad of health conditions. These are not just the sneezing, watery eyes and skin rashes that we generally associate with allergies. Many chronic and acute health problems are the result of our immune system reacting to what we eat or breathe in. The reactions can be ‘delayed’ and therefore the connection between the foods and the ensuing symptoms is often missed.

Proper allergy testing or testing for food intolerance is the key to getting better for many people suffering from acute and chronic illnesses. No standard diet will work for everyone as we are all individual and react differently to various foods and allergens. Allergy and intolerance tests allow you to identify which foods or allergens affect you personally and help you make informed decision about your diet and even your lifestyle.

If you live locally, the best option is to make an appointment at NOVA Spine & Wellness Clinic and qualified phlebotomist will take your blood sample to be tested. This service is free of charge for tests carried out through our clinic.

Alternatively we can post blood collection kit, for postal orders. There is no additional charge for this.

Your test report will be sent to you by email and a free consultations (in person or over the phone) is available to discuss the test results.


NOVA Clinic offers the following allergy and food intolerance tests:

Food Allergy Testing – 25 foods tested for allergies (IgE reactions): £149

Nuts & Seeds: Almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts

Fruit: Apple, banana, kiwi, orange, peach, strawberry

Vegetables: Carrot, celery, potatoes, tomatoes

Fish & Seafood: Cod, crab, prawns, salmon

Eggs & Dairy: Egg white, egg yolk, milk

Other: Wheat, rice, soy, meat mix, mustard seeds


Food Intolerance Testing – 80 foods tested for food intolerance (IgG4 reactions): £189

Fish & seafood: cod, plaice, pollock (alaskan), rainbow trout, salmon, yellowfin tuna, herring, blue mussels, octopus, oyster, prawns, squid.

Meat & poultry: Beef, lamb, pork, chicken, duck, turkey.

Grains & baking: Gluten, wheat,  durum wheat, barley, buckwheat, millet, oat, rice, rye, sesame, spelt,  amaranth, goosefoot, baker’s yeast.

Vegetables: Broccoli (green sprouting), cabbage, carrot, celery, corn (maiz), cucumber, green olives, mushroom (button), potatoes, sweet lupine, tomatoes, zucchini (courgettes).

Pulses & beans: Green beans, green peas, lentils, soy.

Dairy & eggs: Egg white, egg yolk, cow’s milk, sheep milk, goat milk, cheese (gouda), casein.

Fruit: Apple, banana, grapes, kiwi, lemon, mango, orange, peach, pineapple, strawberry.

Nuts & seeds: Almond, cashew nut, hazelnut, peanut, pistachio nuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds.

Spices: Garlic, ginger, onion, mustard seeds, sweet basil.

Drinks: Coffee bean, cacao, soy.


Inhalants Allergy Testing – 25 inhalants checked for allergic reactions (IgE): £149

Cat dander, Horse dander, Dog dander

House dust mite 1, House dust mite 2

Cladosporium herbatum

Grass mix, Timothy grass, Rye

Honey bee venom, Wasp venom

Latex milk, German cockroach, American cockroach

Benjamin fig, Black alder, European ash

Hazelnut, Mugwort, Oak, Plantain, Ragweed

Silver birch, Stinging nettle, Wall pellitory

Please contact NOVA on 01438 553 011 to arrange appointment for your allergy and/or food intolerance test.